This song had the longest road of all the ones that fell on the album. It’s beginning dates back to 2013. At the time Juodvarnis had finished recording the debut album and were planning the release as well as the themes for the follow-up album. Me and Augustinas were roommates, 3rd year students. During the summer of the same year his band Life’s Edge called it quits and Augustinas was left ‘jobless’, whilst I had more time in between both Juodvarnis’ albums. It was a time when we practiced a lot improving our playing skills and techniques. Naturally it was tiring. I don’t remember which one of us had the idea, but we decided to create a side project, that would allow us to play simpler songs, rehearse only then, when we have time off from our other duties and maybe record and release something in the future. I wanted to try out a new guitar tuning and ditch the position of lead vocalist.

With Augustinas we quickly generated 4 songs. We invited Marius and Viktor (both from Life’s Edge) to the project. We played with Marius a few times, whilst our session with Viktor was only a beer drinking session during which we uttered our mutual desire to play together, not actually accomplishing anything in the end. There were a few reasons. Juodvarnis started writing again, Augustinas joined a few other bands and maybe the fact that we did not want to invest the time needed for this project to stay alive. It was soon buried. But what was not buried were the demo recordings and our thoughts that we actually had some good stuff there.

Now let’s jump to 2018. Augustinas is now a long time member of Juodvarnis and we are finishing THE DAYS OF DISQUIET. During these years he said numerous times that we should revisit the first song of our long buried project, because it did have something. I was skeptical. Yes, I agreed, the song actually had some good moments, but it had to be renewed and it needed the vocal parts. To put it plainly, only two or three riffs would be left. It would basically be a new song. So why bother revisiting? Why not just write something new? Especially when there was a lot of inspiration at the time. But Augustinas was not convinced (and I understand why). When Modestas joined his side and said that we should at least give it a try, we did. If it fails, then we’ll forget it for good.

It would seem that the song was meant to be finished. We did it and what a song it turned out to be! My skepticism was silenced when this song squeezed from me the highest notes I’ve ever performed. I almost fainted the first time, but it showed me that I can. It’s symbolic that this song predicted the future, that one day me and Augustinas will be in a band together. Only now when I write this, I realize how much the name of the song has in common with the story of it’s birth. Nice.

Emotionally it is one of our most melancholic songs. Maybe even a bit romantic, but not without some extremity. It’s beginning does date even before MIRUSIO ŽMOGAUS KELIONĖ, but if we look at the time it was finished, it is actually our second newest song. Interesting combo. We hope it’s going to be interesting listening to it.


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