New Home of Juodvarnis: From Under the Ground to the Skies

Solid walls are essential to any home inhabiting creative poeple. A space that absorbs your energy and reflects it back. Where new stories are born, where you feel comfort and where you are able to release your full creative potential.

Our third album started back in our old rehearsal studio. A small room in a basement, that has seen a number of bands. Numerous albums came to life there, as well as some crazy stories that we’ll never forget. No wonder. All of us weren’t even 20 when we moved in there. Sadly, the last months we spent there were weren’t really great. After having just started to compose new songs, there followed a creative silence. Our personal problems and a rising tension between us forced Juodvarnis to pause for a moment.

Finally, after a few hard decisions everything started falling into place and we started moving our frozen wings. Unfortunately, our creative space was soaked in misery and we were feeling that we may have outgrown our small little room. We started looking for a place that would fit our new needs.
Coincidence or not, we got word from fellow musicians that a new space is open for rent. It was love at first sight. A bigger room, no silent hours and it was on the top floor, meaning we would have daylight and fresh air. It matched every expectation we had, so we started building our new nest without hesitation.

After two or three weeks of intense work, everything was done and the only thing left to do was to crank the amps and hit the drums. The first rehearsal was filled with joy as we could finally hear ourselves better and there was space to move around more than two feet while playing. Small things make a huge difference.
With our new home came a new kind of motivation. The following months were filled with creativity. It sort of blew up. The songs started flowing one after another. Juodvarnis climbed up from under the ground, spead its wings and arose into daylight. Maybe that’s why the new album is as it is – misery, hopelesness, anger, but with a glimpse of hope at the end.

The new album is on its way to you. If you haven’t yet listened to the first single ’Diena kai pasenau‘, go check it out:
It is one of the first songs we created for this album. There’s a lot of emotion in it, dating back to the fist days of creating the album. Follow our journey to the Days of Disquiet. There are still a lot of things to uncover and a lot of stories to tell.

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