In the Depth of the Soul

There are times when you pick up an instrument and you write a song in an instant, but sometimes you end up with only a very good beginning. This song started just like that. The main theme of a song, the context and the motivation behind it are very important parts of my creative process, but that doesn’t mean that I don’t work out of impulse. ‘Sielos Dugne’ is mostly pure impulse, even though it wasn’t written in one sitting.

The instrumental part of the song, with all it’s fixes and rearrangements, was finished just before my flight to Rome. At that time, in the beginning of 2017, I was listening to a lot of Pink Floyd. I think most people have these periods when they only listen to a certain band. Pink Floyd caught me in Rome right in front of the Pantheon. It was a group of street musicians. They were so good that me and my friend decided to visit Pompeii, where one of the most famous Pink Floyd gigs happened. A once glorious city that fell into oblivion after a few eruptions of Mount Vesuvius. It as an astonishing sight.

I am certain that without my trip the song would have ended up different. Rome, which entwines a huge legacy of a once great empire, incredible christian monuments and the modern lifestyle of today and Pompeii – a live monument to the fragility of man. Both of these cities charged my inspiration and I just had to direct it properly. When I returned home, all questions about how to finish the song were gone. All that is wonderful, spiritual, great and all that is cruel, foul and absurd comes from the depth of the soul.

I always saw ‘Sielos Dugne’ as the last piece of NERIMO DIENOS. That Pink Floyd inspired ending fits it so great! As it turns out, our album will be closed by a different song, an unusual one for us, but ‘Sielos Dugne’ and the opening track ‘Mechaninė saulė’ were always the backbone of the album. We only had to fill the space between them.

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